How to Install a Screen in Your Car in Valencia at the Best Price

In the technological age in which we live, having a smart screen in our car has become not only a symbol of modernity, but also an indispensable security and entertainment tool.

In this blog, we will talk about how you can improve the functionality of your vehicle in Valencia by installing a Drively X screen, a hassle-free solution at the best price.

What is Drively X?

Drively X is a smart touch screen that will transform your driving experience without the need for complex installations. This screen is compatible with any vehicle and offers a variety of functions such as GPS, Spotify, Youtube, reverse camera, and much more, all with an installation that you can do yourself in seconds.

Advantages of Installing Drively X in your Car

1. Simple Installation

It does not require complex tools or modify the interior of your car. It settles in minutes and is ready to be used almost instantly.

2. Full Connectivity

It offers various ways to connect to your mobile devices, including Bluetooth, WiFi, CarPlay, and Android Auto, providing easy access to your favorite apps and services.

3. Versatility

Compatible with any vehicle, Drively X allows you to enjoy advanced technology regardless of the age or the model of your car.

4. Security and Entertainment

Enhance your driving experience with functions such as a reverse camera for smooth parking and access to your favorite entertainment platforms.

Installation Price in Valencia

The price of Drively X is one of its biggest advantages. Offering models from € 99.37, you can get cutting-edge technology without emptying your pockets. In addition, the installation by yourself eliminates the additional costs that professional installation services would charge.

Satisfied User Testimonials

Users who have opted for Drively X highlight the ease of installation, the quality of the product, and how their driving experience has improved. From those who enjoy being able to use GPS and take calls without taking their hands off the wheel, to those who revel in music and videos en route, the reviews are unanimously positive.


If you are in Valencia and want to install a screen in your car, Drively X offers a practical, affordable and high-quality solution. Its simplicity of installation, together with the wide range of functions and universal compatibility, make it the ideal choice to modernize your vehicle. Don't miss the opportunity to take your driving experience to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compatible with my car?

Yes, Drively X is compatible with any vehicle thanks to its universal mounting system.

What functions does it offer?

From navigation and music to hands-free calls and a reverse camera, Drively X turns your car into an entertainment and safety hub.

How to install?

Installation is quick and simple, no need for special tools. You just have to place the screen, connect it and voila!

Where can I buy it?

VisitDrivelyx.comTo see available models and make your purchase online.

Transform your way of driving in Valencia with Drively X, the smart screen that offers security, entertainment, and a effortless installation. It's time to modernize your car!

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