BEST car screen without installation

Car screens are incredibly useful, however, they come with a huge PROBLEM. If you want to assemble one, you're going to need aerospace engineering.

However, there are others that come almost without installation, they just need you to put them on the dashboard of the car and connect them to the lighter, so that the touch screen can use the car speakers.

And that's it, it would only be left to connect the phone

What is the difference between CarPlay and Android Auto?

The difference will mainly depend on which phone you are using. Since the Drively X screen has both built-in.

If you use an iPhone, you will have to use CarPlay and if you use Android, Android Auto.

How much is it worth to put CarPlay?

In these screens CarPlay is installed, so you only need to have the screen, but remember that CarPlay is exclusive to iPhone, if you have an Android phone, you will have to use Android Auto.

How to install Android Auto on your mobile?

Just open Google Play on your phone and search for Android Auto, and then connect your car and phone.

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