3 BEST car screens

If you are looking for a car screen, to make your car look Latest generation, s You will have to take a look at these 3 screens.

Drively X Car Display

This is our screen, but I am not lying if I say that it is one of the best car screens currently on the market. This is mainly due to the value for money of the screen. Since for less than 200   €, you have the ability to use both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. And it allows you to duplicate screens, allowing you to do things like you can watch movies on the car screen.

Pioneer car display MVH-AV251BT

radio de coche pon pantalla táctil

This touch screen allows you to have as much radio as your own music, but it is true that some functionalities are missing, such as being able to duplicate the phone screen. But it has a rather interesting advantage, and that is that it is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making connecting the mobile to the car screen much easier. But this screen has a very high price compared to ours, since it triples the price, costing more than € 600.

ATOTO A6PF Car Screen

Pantalla táctil coche

This touch screen for the car is relatively cheap for what it offers, with a price of approximately € 270. The main problem is that the installation of this screen is much more complex and long than that of the previous two. Counting that you need an installation in a workshop. In addition, it only allows the connection with Android, leaving those who have Apple products out of the possibility of using this screen for a car.

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