Screen for Car with Rear Camera.

How to install a rear camera

The best car screen with rear camera is the Drively X Pro screen. It has a rear camera to be able to install it on your own in a very short time.

Connect the screen to the camera using the provided cable (6 meters) and fix the camera at the rear through the possible methods. You can see more information about it at Our web .

Our rear camera screen kit is designed to be compatible with a wide range of cars, making it extremely easy to mount the rear camera screen in any car.

And with a rear camera you will stop listening to those rare creaks when parking.

Pantalla para Coche con Cámara Trasera.

Why Have a Screen with Rear Camera

Having a rear camera screen in your car is not just a matter of luxury. Many cars have no way of knowing if you are going to collide with something in reverse.

And with one you can significantly reduce accidents when reversing. In urban environments that are increasingly complex and congested, having a screen with a rear camera translates into fewer bumps and scratches on the car, as well as a reduction in stress levels when driving and, most importantly, a notable increase in both driver and pedestrian safety.
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