Discover the Best Moto Screens with Android Auto: Driving Innovation and Safety

In the digital age, technology has transformed numerous aspects of our lives, including how we interact with our vehicles. In the world of motorcycling, this is manifested in the incorporation of smart screens that offer advanced functionalities for safer and more connected driving. One of these innovations is the integration ofAndroid Auto on screens for motorcycles. Throughout this article, we will explore the different types of screens available and subtly mention the features of the Drively X screen, highlighting its functionality and adaptability.

What is Android Auto for Motos?

Android Auto is an application developed byGoogleThat adapts the functionalities of the smartphone for safe use on motorcycles. It allows drivers to access navigation, music management, calls and messages tools through a simplified interface designed to minimize distractions.

Android Auto Functions and Benefits

This technology not only improves connectivity but also raises security. By reducing the need to physically manipulate the smartphone while driving, Android Auto helps maintain attention on the road. In addition, with the use of voice commands, motorcyclists can perform essential operations without releasing the handlebars.

Types of Screens for Moto with Android Auto

The variety of screens available allows each motorcyclist to find the option that best suits their needs and driving style.

Integrated Screens

Integrated screens are common on high-end motorcycles. They come in the factory and offer maximum integration with the vehicle, giving a clean and professional appearance without additional cables.

Conversion Kits

Conversion kits are ideal for motorcyclists who want to add Android Auto to their current motorcycle. These kits are often versatile and compatible with a wide range of models, providing a customizable solution for those who do not have an integrated display.

Portable Screens

Portable screens offer maximum flexibility, allowing users to transfer their system from one motorcycle to another with ease. This option is perfect for those who use multiple vehicles or want a solution that they can carry with them outside the motorcycle.

Drively X: An Innovative Option

Among the market options, the Drively X screen is distinguished by its focus on quality and advanced technology. This screen not only supports Android Auto, but also offers specific features designed for use on motorcycles.

Featured Features of Drively X

Drively X stands out for its high resolution screen, which guarantees excellent visibility under any light condition. Its robust design and universal mounting system facilitate its installation on different types of motorcycles, making it a versatile choice for all types of motorcyclists.


Choosing a motorcycle screen with Android Auto is an important decision that can significantly transform the driving experience. From fully integrated options to modular and wearable solutions, today's market offers alternatives for all tastes. With devices like Drively X, drivers enjoy a safer, more connected experience, which is essential in modern driving. The incorporation of these technologies is not only an investment in comfort, but also in security.

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