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Moto Accessories

Moto Accessories

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✔Accessories for the Drively X motorcycle screen.

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  • Portable
  • Easy installation
  • Android/iPhone
  • Waterproof
  • Technical service 24h
  • 3-year warranty
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Drively X Motorcycle Screen Accessories Kit

Choose the Accessories Kit you need

You can choose between:

-The Kit for the screen support.

-The kit for the connection of the current.

What does the Kit include for the stand?

-Round handlebar holder.

-Support for rearview mirror.

What does the Kit include for current connection?

-Power cable to battery (ACC 12V and ground).

-Adapter for USB input.

Quality materials

  • Resistant toVibrations.
  • Resistant toWater.
  • BracketAdjustableUniversal.
  • "Raúl Camacho"

    It was very easy to connect it, I connected it by usb cable to my motorcycle. It goes perfect and looks very good.

  • "Joan Mas"

    Perfect size for the motorcycle. It does not prevent vision and is waterproof. I recommend

  • "Sebastián Garrido"

    With this kit you can install it. It looks quality, I will comment on the result

  • "Andrés Rey"

    Very good image quality. It is as it is advertised. Everything is fine. It was three days late but very happy with the purchase.

  • "Roberto Leal"

    It has left me very surprised how it is placed and that it can be connected to my helmet intercom. Un 10.

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Frequent questions

Is it good for all motorcycles?

Yes. SimplyPlace standProvided on the handlebar and fix itThrough nuts (all included).

What do you include in the box?

  • Umbrella Housing
  • Handlebar support.
  • Battery current cable.
  • Pogo pin cable.
  • Cable OTG.
  • USB cable to charger.
  • Support to the rearview mirror.
  • Tools for installation.

How do I fix it on the car?

Accopate it with theProvided bracket kitThrough the included tools. Very simple.

Connect the screen to the currentUsb inputOr by connecting it to theBatteryOf your motorcycle. Includes everything necessary for an optimal connection.

You can undock the screen from the stand so you can transport it without worry about theft.

How do you connect the screen to the motorcycle?

You can connect it in the following ways:

  • Through USB input of your motorcycle.
  • Connecting the screen to the battery. Includes everything you need for your connection.

How do you connect to the mobile phone?

The steps to follow are as follows:

  • Connect your phone's Bluetooth and Wifi
  • If it is iPhone choose the CarPlay option, if it is Android choose Android Auto.
  • Accept the connection and voila!

What applications do you have?

It has many Apps, including:

  • Youtube
  • Spotify
  • Music
  • Google Maps
  • Whatsapp
  • OsmAnd
  • Waze...

Do you have a return guarantee?

Guarantee ofReturnOf14 daysNo compromise.

If the product hasFactory errorYou have3 years warranty.

How long is it?

Account with5 inches.

Technical characteristics.

  • Operating System: Linux OS.
  • Memoria: 2GB Flash.
  • ScreenLCD: 5 inch LCD, Resolution 800RGB (H) x 480 (V.
  • Videos: 3GP/ASF/AVI/DivX/mkv/MOV/MP4/MPG/TS/VOB/WEBM/M4V/FLV How do we know that?
  • Wifi: 2,4G y 5G.
  • Bluetooth: Two channels.
  • Charger5V/2.5A Input.
  • Temperature:-20°C to 60°.