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Drively X Mini Car Screen

Drively X Mini Car Screen

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✔ Free shipping.

✔ Estimated delivery in 7 days.

✔ Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

✔ 3-year return warranty.


  • Portable
  • Installation in 30 seconds.
  • Android/IOS
  • Universal
  • Easy connection
  • 3-year warranty
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Connect your mobile and enjoy your Favorite Apps

Level up your car without the need for auto repair shops

Install it in 30 seconds!

Connect the screen to Lighter or USB Type C .

Connect Bluetooth and choose Android Auto or Apple CarPlay .

Account with Two universal brackets To be able to dock it anywhere in your car. You choose!

Would you like to improve the day to day with your car?

Connect your mobile and enjoy your applications comfortably with:

  • GPS
  • Youtube
  • Spotify
  • Waze
  • Google
  • Whatsapp
  • Games
  • Duplicate Screen
  • Voice search
  • • Choose the holder that fits you.

    We include two supports: universal base or glass base.

  • • Connect your car speakers!

    You can connect your car speakers to the Drively X Screen via auxiliary cable, Bluetooth or FM frequency.

  • • Installation in 30 seconds.

    Choose the support that best suits you.

    Put it in the car, connect it to your mobile by Bluetooth and voila!

  • • Compatible with any vehicle.

    Use the brackets provided to anchor the screen in your car. You can put it on and remove it whenever you want.

Do you want to give your car a change of scene?

Don't spend hundreds of dollars!

With Drively X you will have the screen you want so much without going to a auto repair shops.

  • "Roberto Jabaloyas"

    Really good device, better than expected! I have been using it for two months and it has not given me any problem. More than satisfied, thank you.

  • "Cristian García"

    The best thing for me is to be able to duplicate the screen. I can watch football and formula 1 while waiting in the car for my children

  • "Andrés Rey"

    Very good image quality. It is as it is advertised. Everything is fine. It was three days late but very happy with the purchase.

  • "Sebastián Garrido"

    I'm in love with this screen. Very easy to connect, good design, and many functionalities. I'm a car geek and I love it. 100% recommended

  • "Carlos Sarria"

    Very easy to connect. It looks great in the car, it looks native. I use it with Iphone 11 and it is perfect. Very happy with the purchase

  • "Maribel Clemente"

    All perfect. It clings very well in the car it is very nice. THANK YOU

  • "Rubén Llopis"

    Good size to make it fit in the car. The connection between the car and the mobile is good, everything OK.


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Do you want her bigger?

Enjoy your music to the fullest

Connect your car speakers:

  • By Bluetooth.
  • By the built-in auxiliary cable.
  • By frequency Fm.

The best possible audio quality in your car!

Frequent questions

Does it work for all cars?

Yes. Simply attach the supplied stand or your favourite and watch wherever you want. Can be unattached for storage if you want.

How do you connect?

You can connect it in the following ways:

  • Car Play
  • Android Auto
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • Auxiliary cable (included)
  • FM Frequency

How do you charge?

Connects via Type C cable The screen to the car or through a lighter adapter (Built-in)

How does the camera work?

Would you like a rear camera? With our Drively X Pro screen, enjoy a rear camera to park without complications

What applications do you have?

It has many Apps, including:

  • Youtube
  • Spotify
  • Music
  • Camera
  • Google Maps
  • Whatsapp
  • Etc...

Do you have a return guarantee?

Guarantee of return of 14 days no compromise .

If the product has factory error you have 3 years warranty.

How do I fix it on the car?

Remember it with the Support that you choose.

With the Adhesive tapes (built-in) Check it to the car or with the other support to the glass. They can be easily removed.

You can undock the screen from the stand as many times as you want.

How long is it?

Account with 7 inches screen lengths are: 189x133x25mm .

Technical characteristics.

  • Wireless function: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Apple AirPlay, Mirror Cast.
  • Screen: 7 inches, IPS material, 1600x600 resolution.
  • Memory: maximum SD 256g.
  • Modules: Wifi, Bluetooth, FM.
  • Temperature: -15 °C up to 65 °C.
  • Integrated speaker: 2W.
  • FM: 87mHz-108MHz.
  • Voltage: 7-32V.
  • Power: maximum 10W.
  • Measures: 189x133x25mm .
  • Weight: 350g.
  • Material ABS/PC.