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Mini electric fan

Mini electric fan

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✔Free shipping.

✔Estimated delivery in 4 days.

✔Portable and electric.

✔For car wheels, motorcycle, bicycle, ball, inflatables...

✔3-year return warranty.

  • Portable
  • Very fast inflated
  • For all kinds of wheels
  • Digital screen
  • Quick Connection
  • 3-year warranty
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Tired of going to the gas station or inflating by hand?

With our electric inflator you will never need a traditional inflator again.

Keep your car always prepared for possible tire breakages.

Portable and comfortable

Connect it to the entrance of the lighter. With 3 meters of cable, more than enough!

Precision puffing

  • Choose the inflation mode.
  • Indicate the pressure of your wheels on the screen (see at the door).
  • Press the power button and you're done.

For all kinds of wheels.

With the accessories included, you can inflate all kinds of wheels.

Choose the mode and voila!

  • • For car

    Car mode: 2.5 bar by default.

    Rango: 2.3-3.0 bar

    You can adjust it with the o-

  • • For motorcycle.

    Motorcycle motorcycle: 2.4 bar by default.

    Rango: 1.8-2.8 bar.

  • • For bicycle.

    Bicycle mode: 45 psi by default.

    Rango: 30-50 psi.

  • • For balls.

    Mode Ball: 8 psi by default

    Rango: 7-9 psi.

  • "Roberto Jabaloyas"

    He arrived on time, working perfectly. The cable reaches all tires and they swell very quickly. I recommend it.

  • "Maribel Clemente"

    It is very good, I have tried it with my bike and perfect. If you connect it to the wheel without activating, it tells you the pressure at which you have the tires

  • "Andrés Rey"

    Very good product. I looked at the pressure the wheels have to be at and it has made it perfect :)

  • "Sebastián Garrido"

    It has very good design, we use it for our caravan. un 10!!

  • "Rubén Llopis"

    Very good quality. It looks very good and works very well. Easy to transport and connect, thank you

  • "Laia Fernández"

    It comes very complete, with all the adapters for all types of tires. I am very happy and it arrived very quickly

  • "Carlos Sarria"

    Very easy to connect. Honestly, I will no longer go to a gas station to inflate the wheels anymore, very top

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Would you like to have a screen in the car?

Frequent questions

Does it work for all cars?

Yes, our inflator is universal. Even for car, motorcycle, bike and balls wheels.

How do you connect?

  • Connect the inflator to the car using the cable provided.
  • Choose the mode you want to use (car, motorcycle, bike or ball)
  • Connect it to the entrance of the tire.
  • Press the power button and voila!
  • You can choose the pressure manually with the indicators.

How do you plug in?

We incorporate a cable to connect it directly to the car's lighter. Long enough to turn the car around.

What can swell?

  • You can inflate all you want:
  • Car Wheels
  • Motorcycle Wheels
  • Bicycle Wheels
  • pellets
  • Inflatable (mats, etc.)

Do you have a return guarantee?

Guarantee of return of 14 days no compromise .

If the product has factory error you have 3 years warranty.

How long is it?

The lengths are: 169mm x 46mm

Technical characteristics.

  • Operating voltage: DC 12 V.
  • Display mode: digital display.
  • Dimensions: 169.2x46x46mm.
  • Compatibility with LED lighting.
  • Range of inflation pressures 0.2-150 psi.
  • Ambient operating temperature: -10 °C to 60 °C.
  • Storage ambient temperature: -20 °C to 70 °C.